These are rear fenders from a 46/47/48 Mercury car; possibly 41/42 also. I had planned to cut the round wheel openings out and use them on the rear of Clarence (see avatar). Unfortunately for me, the contour just wasn't close enough so the plan got scrapped. Someone with talent and time could save these for use on a car, but as the pix show there are some rust issues. The rust and damage issues...
These fender braces are for the front fenders of an F-1 Ford pickup. I believe that they fit all F series trucks with the possible exception of cab overs. When I replaced the rusted out steel fenders on Clarence with 'glass fenders I discovered that my fender braces were as bad as the fenders themselves. I had a local boneyard remove the two braces from each of two pickups. I sandblasted, paint...
This is an F-1 battery tray. Originally it mounted on the passenger side frame rail in the engine compartment. Clarence's battery has been moved to the rear under the floor. This would work on nearly any vehicle that has the room. As you can see the two support posts have a really cool shape to them. The hold-down is toast but that's something you'd probably want to replace anyway. In the pix I...
Free shipping pallet. It is propped up outside of A window in front of White Dog Promotions. Address is 4603 John Garry Dr, Suite 2, Columbia, MO (next to The Grind Coffee Shop). You can call White Dog Promos tomorrow to see if it s still there.
15-20 boxes, majority of them fold up so they don't take up much room (and don't have to be taped back together to use), they have handles and attached lid that folds back out of the way. They're good sized boxes. Can pick up in Centralia anytime or arrange to pick up in north Columbia M-F 8am to 5pm if you prefer...let me know!
Offered is a Timex Ironman Triathlon watch that is fully functional except that the nightlight (Indiglo) does not work. I can meet you at the Subway at the Crossroads Shopping Center to give the watch to you we would just need to arrange a time to meet.
Found these in basement. i domt have any 48" light kits.not sure the work, but they look new with no dark ends. there are 4 bulbs.
two doors and door frame on curb. Email me and I'll send you the address.
Receiver/CD player with two large speakers. CD player does NOT work, but AM/FM and everything else does. Great sound quality. Can be used with games or as a TV/Video sound system. Comes with remote and manual.
Linguistics, official journal of the Linguistics Society of America. 2 large sacks, 1973-1987 and 2004-2005. Great for older research. Could also use for paper crafting. Or kindling... Free downtown delivery or meet at a WalMart. Would like to rehome these over this weekend. Thanks!
OFFER: We're thinning out the overkill of duplicate or seldom used items in our kitchen cabinets. The collection includes: Mason jars, pitchers, drinking and wine glasses, bakeware (angel food cake pan, pie pans, cake pans, loaf pans, Pyrex baking dishes), Tupperware & lids, ice bucket and various kitchen utensils. First e-mail responder who will take all of it quickly can have it.
Chase lounge, comfy has wear and tear to it and wood is scratched up. Wine rack siliver and glass. You haul.
52" home elegance ceiling fan. Oil rubbed bronze. Used as a corded fan (not hard wired) to ceiling. Once of the fan blade arms is slightly bent. You'd need a few arm (roughly $6 for a pack) so it's balanced. Otherwise a perfectly good fan. Comes with instructions!
We bought these new for our move. There are AT LEAST 20 small, 10 medium, and 10 large boxes. I am too tired to count them!
These are large corduroy bean bag chairs that unzip and convert into a mattress. Great for kids! Covers can be removed and washed.
I have a 6 person jacuzzi that work last time we used it. You haul it away,I but do have a truck but can't lift anything.573-592-1965 or email.