My granddaughter is starting a business; she's 10 years old, and needs baby jars. My daughter and I both work in Columbia so will be happy to meet at a convenient location or pick them up at your home. Thanks in advance. Cell 573 999-4202 or respond to this post.
Hi. I love sewing but have become very sensitive to electric, electronic machines and need an old treadle or hand-crank sewing machine. Do you have an old manual sewing machine in the attic you'd like to see being useful, rather than just collecting dust? Please let me know, if you do. I'd be very grateful. Thank you.
Any unwanted bath or hand towels, can be torn or stained, just would like extra towels.
I'm looking for an original Furby (98-01) for my step-daughter for a project. It needs to be clean with no rips/stains/filth on the fur, but not 'in the box or collector's item' perfect condition. It does not have to work, either, so if you have a Furby in your attic that you want to pass on to a good home, please think of me. I will be happy to come to you and porch pick up or meet up in publi...
I'm looking for an adult-sized tricycle (not a recumbent bicycle). I'm a disabled adult, who due to a physical disability cannot ride a bicycle, looking for a way for transportation and independence so that I may not only exercise, but get to doctor's appointments and the store on my own. I'm not picky about really anything, just as long as it works! I know this is a long shot, but still worth ...
Looking for a nice used recliner for a friend who just had heart surgery. Dr said she will sleep better in it. She is on a tight budget so hoping for a donation. Thank you!
I cannot have no place to hunt and cannot get off work, but my family loves deer meat. I can process the deer myself and am willing to reimburse for the deer tag. Please call or text @ 573-489-8155 if you get an extra deer you can spare