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I have been a pet lover all my life. I currently have two cats and two dogs. I currently have two cats and two dogs. All of which are spoiled rotten. They are like my children. Marie the cat is 15 yrs old. She is the queen bee of the house. Russell the Jack Russell Terrier is 9. Then there's Ricky the Doberman Pincher, he just turned 4. Last but not least is Ninja the nine week old kitten ,aban...
Teddy is an outgoing, confident kitten with lots of playful energy. He would love a cat sibling, especially if it s his brother, James.
Cody and Bear are very playful, active kittens that would do best in a home with lots of play time. They would love to go together so they can keep each other entertained!
These are 2 of the prettiest kittens. They are very active and playful, but they also love to cuddle and have belly rubs. If they cant go together, it would be good if they had a friend to play with at their new home.
Meet Gypsy, aka Gypsy the Floof! This very playful kitten started life a little on the feral side, but she has since learned that being inside is the way to go! She has been in foster with another cat and LOVES to play - so much that shell need another cat in the home to entertain her. Shes a girl that is always on the go so if youre wanting a cuddly kitten, Gypsy may not be the best choice, bu...
"Little one" is an energetic kitten with a ton of personality. When she is awake, she loves to bounce/pounce everywhere and prefers playing with paper balls over mice toys. She is a tough little girl that would be nice with children that want to be hands on. "Little One" likes to sleep in your lap or next to your pillow and will be a nice addition to the family! She is a extra adorable kitty.
The pictures say it all! Big boy is a nice kitten and named appropriately! He is a pound heavier than his sisters but way sweeter. Big boy loves to play and is just as happy to curl up with you purring away. He is also good with children.
LouLou is a very laid back kitten. She loves to cuddle and sleep on the back of the couch.
Dani is a sweet, cuddly kitten who loves cats, dogs and people. She also loves to play and wrestle with her brother Charlie. She is just lovable and so sweet and would be a nice part of any family!
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